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Our seven Early Learning Centers across Greater Cleveland offer:

  • Part and full day programs available at most Centers
  • Well-rounded curriculum taught by highly qualified teachers and staff
  • Comprehensive support services that respond to the unique needs of each child
  • Clean, safe, and inviting indoor and outdoor space
  • Healthy meals (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack)

We also understand that each child and family is different so we offer several program options to deliver the best results.  For our families who cannot travel to our centers, we provide an in-home early learning program which includes home visits by qualified teachers and frequent opportunities for group socialization.

We are recognized by the State of Ohio Step Up to Quality rating system. To learn more about Step Up To Quality and the standards they require, click here. To learn more about our Early Learning program, click here to view our 2016-2017 Annual Report.


A child’s experiences during the first 2,000 days, from birth to the start of kindergarten, have a lasting impact on later success in school and life. Our 2,000 Days Pledge is an educational promise between teachers and parents that emphasizes the importance of a shared partnership and approach for putting children on the right path to high school graduation and beyond. 

How does the 2,000 Days Pledge work? Our teachers and parents take this pledge and sign a certificate that outlines what they promise to do together within the first 2,000 days.

Our parents pledge to make every day of the first 2,000 count by:

  • Giving their child the best early learning experiences they can for as many of the first 2,000 Days as possible.
  • Enrolling their child in a high quality preschool when he/she is ready, and will be a good partner with their child's teachers.
  • Choosing a high performing elementary school for their child that will support his/her strengths and challenges.

Our teachers and staff pledge to make every day of the first 2,000 count by:

  • Partnering with parents to put their child on the path to college and career by first getting him/her reading for kindergarten.
  • Helping parents choose a high performing elementary school that supports their child's strengths and challenges.
  • Supporting parents as they get ready to be a good partner with their child's teachers from kindergarten to high school graduation.

Please support our cause -- visit our Facebook page and join the movement! Post a comment, like the photos of our parents signing the pledge and share! Our children need your voice.

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