Community Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Fellowship
at The Centers for Families and Children

The Centers has a unique opportunity for recently graduated psychiatric nurse practitioners. We have a fellowship led by Dr. Kate Proehl, DNP, PMHCNS – BC; Director of Advanced Practice Education at the Centers and the 2017 Innovator of the Year, National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Spaces are limited. The application deadline is May 31, 2017  

About the Fellowship
The Community Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner Fellowship, developed by Dr. Proehl is a nursing-led, collaborative mentoring program focused on clinical skill building and successful socialization into the advanced practice nurse role. The transition year between graduate school and the first year of NP practice sets the stage for ongoing career success.  This Psychiatric NP Fellowship is a postgraduate training program for psychiatric NPs, grounded in core nursing concepts, addressing transition gaps between academia and the workplace.  

The fellowship model, started in 2012, is based upon the successful, first year, psychiatric NP mentoring program established right here at The Centers by Dr. Proehl. 

In 2014, the model became The Community Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner Externship and later the Fellowship. The Community Psychiatry NP Fellowship is affiliated with Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine. MEDTAPP (Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program) and county mental health board funds catalyzed the initial program development and continue to provide necessary support for ongoing fellowship development and implementation.

This Fellowship seeks newly graduating psychiatric NPs with a desire to embed their ongoing work with the vulnerable and underserved populations in the North Eastern Ohio region.

Kate with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Fellows James Ward and Andrea Abramof.

About the Curriculum
NP Fellows work side-by-side at The Centers for Families and Children with seasoned psychiatric advanced practice nurses. Training and supervision are offered primarily by advanced practice nurses, while collaborative training with psychiatrists and clinical pharmacy is valued and utilized. Mentoring focuses on expanding diagnostic skills, utilizing evidenced based psychopharmacology, the application of psychotherapy appropriate to the work setting, and healthy socialization into the advanced practice role. Customized workshops, targeted to meet the learning curve of novice psychiatric NPs working with the complex population found in community mental health, enhance learning.  

About the Fellowship Directors
Kate Proehl DNP, PMHCNS - BC 
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Fellowship Founder
Director, Advanced Practice Education, The Centers for Families and Children    

Dr. Kate Proehl has been working as a psychiatric nurse for nearly three decades and has been an advanced practice nurse for more than ten years. She recognized - as much of the advanced practice nursing field - that while the core education of psychiatric advanced practice nursing is solid, novice psychiatric NPs were entering the community mental health workforce without the sufficient professional role development and without the formal, competency based supervisory structure necessary to help them robustly acclimate to the role of authority they were now inhabiting. 

Dr. Proehl is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine where she serves as Director of the Community Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner Fellowship. Under her leadership, the program has matriculated eight PMHNPs since 2013. In addition, she serves as a clinical instructor/preceptor for the nursing schools at Case Western Reserve University and Kent State University, and has twice received the Barbara Donaho Distinguished Leadership in Learning Award from the latter.  

Dr. Proehl has practiced as a PMHCNS focused on community mental health for more than fourteen years. Throughout her nearly 30-year career, Dr. Proehl has been recognized as a local expert and thought-leader for psychiatric care. Her background includes psychiatric nursing at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, psychiatric homecare services to the elderly with the Benjamin Rose Institute, and a position as a psychiatric nurse consultant for Makerere University in Uganda, where she helped design and implement the country’s first BSN program.   Dr. Proehl holds a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Michigan State and a nursing doctorate, a master's in nursing, and a doctor of nursing practice from Case Western Reserve University.  She is 2014 Fellow of The Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship at Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine.

Patrick Runnels, MD
Medical Director, The Centers for Families and Children

Dr. Patrick Runnels attended medical school at the University of Missouri, Columbia, completing his general psychiatry residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and the Public Psychiatry Fellowship at Columbia University, during which he worked in public policy both at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the New York State Office of Mental Health.

Since moving to Cleveland in 2008, he has worked clinically and administratively at several community mental health agencies. Dr. Runnels has directed the homeless and psychiatric outreach rotation for the past four years through Mental Health Services. He is the co-founder of the Carriage House clinic at Magnolia Clubhouse. He has served as the Medical Director for The Centers for Families and Children for the past 3 years, where, among other things, he helped implement one of the original 13 SAMHSA integrated care grants.

Beyond his clinical and academic work, Dr. Runnels serves as Communications Director for the American Association of Community Psychiatrists, has served on the Council for Advocacy and Government relations of the APA, is a past board member of the APA, and a recipient of the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Public Psychiatry Fellowship Award through the APA, and is currently serving on the Board of Trustees for NAMI Ohio.

Spaces are limited. The application deadline is May 31, 2017  

About the Application Process
The Community Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Fellowship application process at The Centers for Families and Children has two parts:
(1) Send the following items to:  katherine.proehl@thecentersohio.org   

A letter of introduction describing your interest in this Fellowship. Include your graduation date and the date you plan to begin working.
CV or resume

Eligible candidates will be given an initial phone interview followed by a clinical site visit. NP Fellows will be employed as full employees of The Centers. Prior to starting employment as a Fellow, candidates are required to achieve the following steps:

ANCC certification, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Licensure to practice as an advanced practice nurse in the State of Ohio.
Certificate of Authority, State of Ohio

(2)   Apply formally at The Centers here: 


Best wishes!