Elizabeth Newman, President and Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth.Newman@TheCentersOhio.org

James Penman - Chief Program Officer

James Penman, Chief Strategy Officer Jim.Penman@TheCentersOhio.org

Diana Rosa - Chief Operating Officer

Diana Rosa, Chief Operating Officer Diana.Rosa@TheCentersOhio.org

James Massey - Chief Financial Officer

James Massey, Chief Financial Officer Jim.Massey@TheCentersOhio.org

Laura Chalker, Chief Program Officer Laura.Chalker@TheCentersOhio.org

Judy Peters, Executive Vice President Judy.Peters@TheCentersOhio.org

To learn more about ways to support The Centers, please contact Lynnette Forde, Vice President of Government Relations & Development at Lynnette.Forde@TheCentersOhio.org.

If you are a member of the media and have questions, please contact Alexa New, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & External Affairs at Alexa.New@thecentersohio.org.

For questions about compliance or quality improvement, please contact Christine Neumann, Vice President of Quality Improvement at Christine.Neumann@TheCentersOhio.org.

For questions about our locations or facilities, please contact Diana Rosa, Chief Operating Officer at Diana.Rosa@TheCentersOhio.org.